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Day: July 1, 2018

How Technology Can Improve Your Sex and Your Relationship

Technology rules our lives, as well as our relationships. To some extent it has dehumanized the precious, intimate feelings and conversations that could only happen in each other’s arms. Now if we can take out a minute out of our busy schedule to let our loved ones know we are thinking about them, we will take it.

  • Utilize text messaging to boost your bond: Many of you are stuck in a job where calling anyone is a distant dream. Utilize a break to the washroom or pantry to send a sweet, short text to your love. Just think of receiving a simple note of love in the middle of grumpy faces. It surely will brighten up their day.
  • Go Facebook official: If you and your partner are both active on facebook and enjoy sharing your lives online, a facebook official is the best thing you can get him/her. Psychologically we all seek validation and attention from our peers, and we are territorial about our loved ones as well. A facebook official seals your bond and makes you a complete couple that believes in their bond. It is like a mini marriage, telling the world that you are in a serious commitment and want to stick it out a lifetime.
  • Use internet to educate yourself: Internet is full off information, videos and adult content that you can make use of. If you find your knowledge of lovemaking inadequate, or simply looking for more innovative ways to spruce up your bond, internet is your friend. If you need extenze plus check out this site where you can check out the ways you can heighten each other’s pleasure sensations. There is no limit to how much you can learn about each other, and yourself by trying new things.