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5 Ways Technology Is Boosting Kids Creativity

Technology is everywhere today and there is no escape from it. This is how technology is proving to be a big blessing to improve the creativity of kids.

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The paint software lets kids try out their artistic skills on a digital platform. With a mix of colors and things to sketch on the white page, the child’s creatively is fostered using technology. There is unlimited potential for the child to explore using this software and what more, the child can also share its creation with friends and family over social media.


If your child has some skill that he wants to show to the world then the YouTube and other video uploading platforms are a great site to get creative. From dramatics to music to dance, a child can show his creative side here. The option to share and get comments and feedback also lets him improve on his creativity.

Story writing

Blogging and story writing is also something that can be done on the internet now. If your child is an avid writer then he can start his own blog or webpage and publish his writings there. This gives him a huge audience from all over the world and in case he is really good then he is sure to have a great fan following.


Designing and graphics are highly popular and in huge demand. If your child is creative in this space then he definitely can try his hands on 3D technology and designing using the various software available online.


There are many online tutorials available for a child to learn, but any skill that the child is interested in. The kid can thus make use of technology and better his skills to be more creative.