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Car Safety Technology: How It Could Save Your Life

Imagine you taking off your eyes from the road just for a second to adjust your Air Conditioner while driving and there is a stationary vehicle right ahead of you, will you be able to stop the car in time? Scary isn’t it?  There are so many cars on the roads, especially during vacations and weekends that it can lead to many inevitable situations, but luckily the modern car safety technology can warn us about these situations and reduce the risks. Here is a list of such safety features you should consider adding to your car.

1) Rearview Camera: A small camera positioned at the back of your car can help you see the cars or people that are behind your car. This is a very useful feature especially when you are using the reverse gear. Earlier it was available in high-end cars but now can be seen in many mid-range cars too.

2) Reverse sensors: It is another wonderful device that can help you to reverse your car safely even without a camera. This sensor will start beeping if you are getting very close to some obstacle at the back of your car, the beeps will increase as you go closer to the object. This way you can stop your car before it hits something.

3) Forward collision alert system: This system is often combined with the automatic braking system that will prevent you from hitting some object in front of you. This system uses a radar kind of device that will give you visual as well as auditory signals and put in automatic braking system to slow down your speed if it sees some obstacle in front.

Sometimes simple additions in your vehicle can reduce the collision risk and save your life from unfortunate events. Check out 247Spares to know more about such useful car parts at a cheaper price.…