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How Technology Can Make Work From Home a Reality

Previously women were torn between the decisions whether to quit working or rejoin work after a sabbatical from maternity. Similarly, many people were found to be in such critical situations where they hoped that they could find work at the comforts of their home probably for reasons such as taking care of their aged parents, difficulty in traveling to far off places in search of a good job, or other such personal reasons.

However, thanks to technology, such people are now enjoying working from home without having to compromise on anything that they value so much. Working from home is now a reality for many although they are certain initial hiccups that can be overcome in due time. Today, the number of people preferring to work from home has increased over the past and here is how you can thank technology for it.

  1. With the help of fast internet connection, reliable phone communications, and video conferencing, technology has enabled people working from home to work together with others in the same or different locations at the same or different time. Hence, working with anyone anywhere has now become a reality.
  2. An advanced version of the regular video conferencing is the virtual reality (VR) conferencing where you can actually feel that you are having an official face-to-face meeting, irrespective of where the participants are.
  3. Moreover, with strong antivirus kits and the capability to switch your laptop from personal mode to a guest/official mode, you can easily separate your work from your personal files while operating on your laptops. Hence, security is not compromised.
  4. Further, Google Calendars, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistants, and applications like Team Viewer have enabled scheduling of meetings and organizing work much more efficiently than working in the same office grounds.
  5. These days, even companies hiring employees who work from home are allowing a certain degree of flexibility. They are even ready to offer specific tools to enable their work from home employees to work in the most efficient manner. Be it a Whatsapp-style messenger or paid Dropbox account or even the best hybrid table saw to make your own worktable, you name it and some companies are even ready to provide it for you.