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How Is Light Changing Our Future

Lights are a major part of our lives, every single day. Even when there is sunlight, we are dependent on artificial lights when we have to get into nook and corners around you. Today the lighting industry has brought about so much change that we use artificial lighting all through the day, despite it being sunny and bright outside.

Let’s take a look at how these lights are changing our lives:

Regular Day

When our parents first walked into a room during the day, they would draw the curtains apart to let the sunlight come in and light up the room. There were a number of windows in each room for better light and proper ventilation. As a result,  illumination of cities artificial lights and air conditioners were rarely used when the weather was pleasant and it was safe to leave the windows open.

Today, when we walk into a room, we search for the light switch first. The concept of opening the windows, drawing the curtains and letting in fresh air is a thing of the past. People don’t have the time these days and if at all this is done, it is only on weekends or on cleaning day.

From bulky tube lights a few years ago, the lighting industry has now come up with sleek concealable lights that can be fitted into the ceiling. These look seamless and enhance the beauty of the room. They also provide more light and hence are used predominantly.

Power Shutdown

Our parents used candles when there was a power shutdown and they needed light. Candles were easy to get, cheap, small and light, thus enabling them to be stored in every room of the house.

Today, we use emergency lights and torches. In houses where the power backup does not kick off in few seconds, flashlights are used. A glimpse through any flashlight product review will show you how much people depend on these in current times.