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Young Adults, Technology & Weight Loss

Young adults have a lot to deal with in the most crucial years of their lives –immense academic pressure, the tribulations of relationships and their rapidly changing bodies and hormones. This is a tech-savvy generation who are obsessed with their gadgets.

Technology which is a boon to many has become a bane to this group of people who find more pleasure glued to their seats and lost in the virtual world completely oblivious to the real world around. This attitude has led to an alarming rise in the incidence of obesity and diabetes in young adults. Researchers state that it is not just the lack of exercise but also the lifestyle, poor eating and sleeping habits coupled with the societal stress that adds to weight gain in young adults.

Being completely sure about themselves these kids refuse to seek help for weight loss and related issues. Some of them rely on diet pills advertised on sites like movomovo.

The impact of social media

To add salt to their wounds, the social media which is the reality of their existence does more harm to them than good. They are constantly bombarded with body image messages on their social media accounts which shatters their self-esteem. A recent survey showed that social media has led to an increase in anxiety and depression in this age group.

Troubled by body-shaming these young kids often stick to fad diets only to realize too late that they are worse than when they began.

Technology as a friend

But this group probably has the most advantage over their predecessors because they have access to a wide variety of exercise routines and techniques that focus exclusively on problem areas. They have the aid of several weight loss apps or they can rely on any of the umpteen YouTube videos to help them deal with their weight goals.

Thus, we see that these young adults can use technology to not only bind them to their chairs and video games but also to get them moving and shed the extra pounds because they are a tech-savvy generation who have the power in their gadgets.